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Archive for May 2010

Another Poster!!!

May 17, 2010

To create this poster I first gathered stock images of grasslands, plains, trees, castles, and characters. I was able to use both real pictures and drawn images together in this composition. The grassland is an actual picture and so is one of the trees. I started with the background and then added the trees. Next, […]

Castle Images Composition

May 16, 2010

For this project Icreated a new poster in the format of the new Alice in Wonderlad movie poster.  Here is what I did.

Ironman Poster Remake!!!

May 16, 2010

Here I created a movie poster with a friend. We decided to use the Ironman theme. I found and adjusted the character while Joe took care of the background. It came out pretty good if ya ask me.

First Web Site Program!

May 13, 2010

  Here I started coding the “7 Samurai” HTML web page. This was my first attemp at coding and it turned out ok. For the second day of the project, I took the character page for 7 Samurai and used it as a template for the HMC Fight Club site. I had a lot of trouble […]

Updated Movie Poster

May 11, 2010

I took the original poster and added elements from a poster card that the instructor gave me. The poster card was from a movie called “Midnight Meat Train.” It showed a man with a hammed inside a subway window. I took the idea of the window and changed it to a house window to give […]